Haiku! Gazuntite ;)

Two wonderful words I wish to meld together. One, a poem and the other a German term for “good health” often heard after a sneeze. This post is an activity I hope you will join me in!

There are many stressful images, stories, events and people arround lately. When I look over the span of my 42 years so far I have faced and seen many things; from my daughter’s open heart surgery to the loss of a dear friend to cancer (xoxo SB), car accidents, addictions, adoptions, abuse, divorce and the like. Some of these things have surrounded and woven in and out of my life and the lives of those around me. You would think us a ‘glum lot’ – but nope! Even when times are tough there is much love and growth a brewing. There is perspective to be had and the best place I know to gain some is in the moment. Yep . . . it’s simple!

Every moment holds the power to create, inspire and uplift. Every single second, if I am truly present, is competely free from fear of the past or future, free from worry and the like. Free from my need to control and free from a distorted ego. Not only is it free from that which does not serve me it holds an enormity of WONDER, CONNECTION and AWE!

A Haiku has many rules and disciplines but I will not go into them here. The basics are 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. I present the Idea of Haiku to you because, for me, Haiku is about bringing to life a single moment in time. It’s about the art of stillness and observation, awareness and mindfulness. A Haiku often involves an animal, a tree, the wind or some other aspect of nature. Your your job, should you decide to accept it, is to find one online, or write one yourself and post it here for all to see and enjoy. I have complete faith that it is living in the moment that will bring us collectively to healing and ‘good health’.

I will go first. Many Haiku are joined by a picture, painting or drawing. I wrote one around a photo I took this past year. Enjoy!

A thunderstorm’s rain

has wet the sand at my feet

revealing a precious heart.



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