Cherries and other yummy stuff!


Last night, 11:29 pm, I was preparing to have some ‘me’ time.

Heating pad?                        check!

Tea?                                     check!

Medicine cards?                   check!

iPhone?                                check!

Kids asleep?                        check!

Empty bladder?                   check!

Room to myself?            check!

After the scene was set, I crawled into bed. For me, some days, when I feel bedtime creeping close it’s as if I’m the Arctic Fox making my way towards a dry windless burrow in the middle of the wild frozen tundra. My movements are slow and calculated as I check for the safety of my surroundings and dream of the comfort I will enjoy after the hard labors of hunting and gathering in such a harsh environment.

I know, drama queen – right? You would think I was suffering. You would think my life hard. It’s not – not by ANY stretch. Yes, I’m a mother of three, have little in the way of monetary security but am totally blessed with an amazing husband, great kids and a network of friends to seriously envy! But, I’m sensitive – I mean really sensitive! I felt shame when I heard it growing up; “Oh, Debra (with the sound of exhaustion) you’re so dramatic!” “Oh, Debra (eye roll here) you’re so sensitive!”

Here’s the thing – it is because of this ‘sensitivity’ that I can see, hear and feel spirit. It is because my radar is a bit off center, which I am able to have experiences like the one to follow. I don’t often understand the how or why of it all; Spirit communication? Psychic ability? Remote viewing? Not important right now, really, but truly fascinating and I look forward to more being revealed.

So I get myself settled in last night and I think of my dear close friend Carolyn. I send her a text requesting her approval to focus on her and pull an Animal Medicine card. (I always ask permission, as it would be tantamount to pressing my face up against someone’s living room window and spying.)


“Absolutely – you can pull cards for me anytime!”

In preparation for pulling a medicine card I sit comfortably, back against my heating pad and headboard, I breathe deep. I focus on seeing the colors of my charka open; red, now orange, yellow, now green, blue, purple and now brilliant white! I see Carolyn now in this bright space of my meditation and right to the left of her head I see three little cherries with their stems attached. I open my eyes and think “Debra, you’re such a weirdo. Cherries? People are not eating cherries! It’s winter and that must be your imagination.” Now my critic can be quite the skeptic, and while on one hand I am glad for that (keeps me grounded) on the other hand it can make trusting information difficult. I don’t pull a card an instead, text back:


“Did you eat something with cherries? I saw cherries.”




“Did you get my photo?”


“Laughing my freaking a#$ off!”


“Made me smile ear to ear. Only candy I ate tonight!”

“You never fail to amaze me, my favorite super stalker!”


“Funny thing is I saw 3 cherries!! Stems and all!!”

Like I said – Yummy! It’s the topping on my cake; the cream cheese frosting! Life can be tough, cold and harsh. It is, at the same time, full of joy, opportunity and love; but beyond all the experiences that life, in this physical form holds, we have access to the great mystery of an expanded awareness, the awakening of a spiritual depth, and the choice of a joyful deliverance at any moment! I’m so glad now, to be that ‘sensitive’.


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