Para: a prefix meaning “alongside, beyond, altered, contrary”

Normal: an adjective meaning to conform to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

October 5th, 2013, at Fort Rodd Hill, was definitely an altered, contrary, way beyond the usual, typical evening for me and nothing I ever, in my 43 years, expected to be doing, on a standard Saturday night!

Put on by Beyond Belief Paranormal Group, this paranormal investigation was the first of its kind in this National Historic Site. The site had been active from 1878 to 1956 as a coast artillery fortress in defence of Victoria and the naval base at Esquimalt harbour, as a part of the larger defence strategy of the British Empire and Canada. That said, I was not there for a history lesson. I was there to develop my mediumship.

Until a week prior I had not made up my mind to go. I was scared. I’ve always been scared; of the dark, tunnels, caves, anything less than puppies and sunshine could pretty much freak me out. I have an internal fear based personality that is subject to attacks of anxiety and the odd fainting spell. You may not be able to tell from my personality, or my presence in a room but one look at my fingernails, bitten to the knuckle, tell the real story.

None the less I had come to a stale mate. When in communication with spirit I was frustrated by my limitations. I would have moments of such accuracy and clarity and then a fog would settle in, allowing me only fragments of information that never seemed to make a whole image come to light. I would have to face the boogeyman, real or imagined, if I was to move on in this area of my life.

Since mid 2008, NORMAL has slowly become a word that no longer has definition in my life. Out of the blue and with no prior belief I began to experience the dead. I could see, feel, hear, smell and taste as a way of communication with spirit. The first year I cried a lot, both from psychological shock and from an overwhelming joy. Year two, I focused my attention on meditation in an attempt to understand what was happening to me. Meditation became a regular part of my life and year three saw me letting my guard down taking more risks, and offering information to others as I received it. Year four brought remote viewing, shape shifting and other bizarre things, far to strange for me to ever mention publicly. Now . . .  year five! Year five has been amazing. My fortunate spiritual awakening has been a catalyst in the development of my business. I use Reiki, Reflexology and Massage as a way to be present with others and provide healing in conjunction with spirit connection, but even greater, it has been the year where my personal growth has become evident.

Do you know when concrete is at its coldest? It’s at night in the fall. It’s when the building is an abandoned military bunker down a tunnel with a steel bolt door. It’s when you are bum on floor, back against wall, lights out. It’s when your waiting, in silence, ghost box positioned and ready for spirits to speak. Everything becomes sharp; the air against your skin and the sound of a whisper.

Most of the buildings at Fort Rodd Hill are concrete structures, and in the dark, with flashlights protecting our careful steps, we moved from station to station setting up equipment in the hopes of capturing evidence of spirit energy. I am not familiar with this equipment and can not say I am closer to understanding it now, but for this event I was more interested in my ability to sense the potential energy surrounding or present in these environments. It was suggested to me, by a trusted Medium, that this would be a good way for me to develop and grow in the depth of my ‘sensing’.

And so, the long walk to the first building, the Lighthouse. Along the gravel path around the building and down a small hill to the beach my first impressions came. I could feel two children at the light house and moments later a large injury to my face. My body was intact and unharmed, but my face felt a terrible mess, and I expressed this to the gentleman I was walking with. In the lighthouse a multitude of feelings some validated, some not. We walked back to the main buildings and it was there that I was able to ask the site keeper on duty about my senses on the beach. He recounted that one of the lighthouse keepers was attempting to catch Minks one day, along that stretch of beach, and was bitten in the face, sustaining a major injury and creating so many medical bills, that it financially destroyed his family. He had two children.

I was thrilled with the confirmation but began to feel great pain on the top of my head and this is the point at which, for lack of a better term, felt ‘detached’ from myself. In a panic I thought, “Ok I have to go, this is not for me, I made a mistake”. I asked a woman, I had done my first level of Reiki with, to please, place her hands on me and ease my head. As she did this I shifted, immediately, back into a state of calm. It was that moment when I realized,  I could be here, as a matter of fact I could be anywhere in the world and I did not have to be open. It was my choice, I could decide to feel and sense and be open to spirit sharing with me, or I could close myself down and just observe. Amazing things began to happen that night. I found myself fearless. I found myself down long, dark, cramped corridors, from time to time, standing back as I could feel the spirits of many men running past me, back and forth. When others were feeling the deep emotions of grief and turmoil in heavy energetic areas I was able to walk up to them, freely and without worry, talk them through what they were experiencing. I found my self stating what my limits were. I found myself in the dark, alone. I found myself . . . I found myself . . . wholly crap! I found myself! Within a few hours I had become, in part, the kind of woman I always wanted to be. A woman unafraid.

At one point while sitting on that concrete floor, in the black silence, I began to feel a divine presence in and around me. It began to expand out from me and created a white, lace like aura, about one foot thick around my entire body. I have never seen aura before (and not for lack of trying) – it was a miracle. I felt so strong, supported, protected and secure. I felt solid, sure and brave.

I may seem altered and contrary to some and I may not be typical or conform to what is expected but I am free! I am free from my self-created prisons of fear and doubt. I am free from my worries of how I am perceived. I am more free than I ever thought I could be in this life time or in this flesh!  And I am so incredibly happy to be paranormal.