On Black Wings


I must have looked like a loon, laughing that hard, alone in my car. Archangel Azriel gave me great reason. I had just come from lunch today with my beautiful soul sister Pam. Her and I have a wonderful spiritual connection and have been able at times to see the same energies in spirit realm. Here is a background to one such moment:

I run a women’s meditation group and we use this time when called upon to offer healing. A friend was ill and so on this particular night we placed my Reiki table in the center of the room, envisioned with intention, him stretched out in front of us. We then provided distance Reiki to offer whatever he needed at that time. A few moments in I saw these large black wings rise up from behind me. I was unnerved as I see many things but not black wings. I am very used to Archangel Michael and Uriel and other dimensional beings of light. I pushed the image away, yet again the wings rose up as if they were mine and stretched large into the room. Again I released the image. I did not share the experience so as not to distress the others. We moved then into our meditation night and after our first collective meditation Pam says “just before we began I saw these large black wings rise up and like a dome, cover the room.” Well I nearly dropped – I believe my reply was something to the effect of “YES! What the hell was that?” then I shared my vision. We took to Google – I typed in Angel with black wings . . . all I saw were dark images and talk of fallen angels. I just knew this was not what we had seen as there was only peace in the room. I then typed in Archangel with black wings and this is what came:

 ‘The Archangel Azriel’

 The archangels were formed from him. He is the only Angel with black wings and has no halo for his light is within him. His hair is black and glistens with that light seeming almost silver. And he wears a black cloak filled with the glowing stars of galaxies.

As the Archangel of Spirit, he is the one to take you Home at your transition, cutting with his silver scythe, the silver cord that binds your spirit to physical form and guides you towards the Light. He is therefore known as the Angel of Death. He is also at the transition into physical life, at your birth. Also Master of the Akasic Records.

 As Pam and I sat recounting this moment I looked up Azriel’s name again and re-read the meaning. What astounded me this time was that most of what Azriel represents has been part of my own personal experience. When I was first thrust into this journey of mediumship and I was dealing with the issues of protecting myself and my energy It was suggested that I surround myself in a bubble of light. This never worked for me. Many people over the last several years have heard me say that, instead, I feel the light rise from inside me – it starts in my solar-plexus and I feel it expand until it fills my whole body and then I watch it extend about 3 feet out from and around me! (his light is within him) Several years back in meditation I saw a dark cloak cover me hood and all and inside this cloak was the universe! I have seen it again several times. (cloak filled with stars and galaxys) My hair has been a dark brown bordering on black through most of my life. I am in my mid 40’s and decided to not dye my gray away but to embrace it and make it shine so I use Silver shampoo! Lol I was told by a medium in my first few years of the work that when I sleep I help transition people to the afterlife. This has certainly manifested in my conscious awareness and now occurs not only when I sleep – I have the wonderful privilege of listening to some of those in spirit who have not made their way yet for various reasons and assisted in making the light visible for those who are ready to release themselves from this plane of existence.

So here comes my outburst of hilarity. I dropped Pam off at home and was on my way to get the boys. I was pondering in my mind my connection with Azriel and I thought – “Raven has been paramount in my journey so far as the communicator between this realm and the after life and I have shifted into his form so many times – I wonder if the black wings of the bird have been so important to me because of Azriel?” at this point I decided to turn on the radio on:

Says she talks to angels.

They call her out by her name.

Oh yeah, she talks to angels.

Says they call her out by her name.”

 “Oh I love this song – I have not heard it for a long time” It was a few lyrics before I realized what I was listening to and I had a little giggle – considering I was contemplating Angels I thought this was cute until the song ended . . . .

DJ says, “ . . . great song by the Counting CROWES”