Your are infinitely important, beautiful and useful so relax!

Stand whole and grateful in your work! Do not fear. Do not compare. Do not worry. If you are participating in the many, beautiful modalities of healing or spirit work in any capacity . . . . enjoy yourself and share! Do not clutch. Do not pretend to own and do not restrict yourself and the very thing you love, by allowing the fearful ego to run the show.


Cameron-Gray-Art3Our very humanity has spent hundreds of years attempting to control and contain and repackage the messages coming from Source, emanating from Divine energy. We have religions of all types, belief systems with lists of rules. We have hateful, spiteful, painful warring over what is RIGHT, BEST or TRUTH. All of it so incredibly limiting. The Divine is expansive, unlimited and infinitely beautiful!


For many years now I have been actively working as a medium and spiritual conduit. I am always growing and always learning. I communicate with loved ones that have crossed, do paranormal investigations, use essential oils, create lip balms, pull oracle and medicine cards, express animal energies, give workshops and all of it driven by this beautiful, unique relationship between the Divine and little ole me. I feel so blessed to have had wonderful teachers both here and in spirit realm and wonderful friends with which to share all of these exciting pathways.


Confidentiality is sacred to me as well as honesty – they pretty much play equal roles in my life. Because of that many people contact me to sort sensitive things out. In this beautiful community of light workers and spiritual seekers (and we have a very large community) some have struggled with others attempts to belittle, compare or undermine the work that they do. I have also watched others publicly make ‘this is better than that’ comparisons in the power or strength of an energetic healing modality. Often shamelessly, like a Coke vs. Pepsi commercial. I rarely experience these things myself but I have had a few unpleasant moments where my practice has been questioned by someone doing the same work or have had some copy literally what I am doing, sometimes word for word, and pass it off as their own.


Now our small, human, frightened self immediately says – Hey! That was mine! Or felt slighted by someone openly belittling their favorite practice, only to make theirs seem more powerful. Many have felt the threat of having work taken away from them by these attempts. Sometimes people are unaware of their selfish and frightened actions and others still are completely aware but feel justified.


Here’s the tough part . . . they are not the problem. LET GO! The moment I engage in feeling slighted (and yes it is often the first natural response) I have grabbed hold of the monkeys tail. My ego has bought into the idea that somehow I own what I do. I narrow into what’s mine and what’s yours. We are working on behalf of Source, we are working with Energy, we are working with intuition and connection to our higher self, which in turn is a beautiful part of the whole. So celebrate!! You can set boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and necessary. There are people I simply will not engage with but I harbor them not a moment of ill will. I just know my personal limit. But on top of that I feel joy in the fact that spirit is using them in their life, in their circle to serve great purpose too. Celebrate the life of others always, even when you disagree. What we do energetically is as important as what we do in our 3D reality.


Instead of responding with fear when someone else sets up shop doing the same thing you do . . . celebrate! The Divine just found one more person to channel through what is needed in their own unique way. If someone copy’s what you said or what you did celebrate! Know that Source is just finding a way to reach more people. It’s about the message not the messenger. If someone is not authentically making their own communion with their higher self or spirit then it is they who suffer not you. Send them love and hold hope that one day they make their own wonderful unique connection!


For those of you feeling the need to compare – just stop. You diminish the very beauty and light you are attempting to work with or work on behalf of. No one modality is any better than any other. The Divine speaks many languages and all things in the realm of sprit have perfect timing and purpose. These modalities are all like letters of the alphabet all coming together in different ways expressing something new each time. Or like the paint on a palate, individual in colour, until they are put onto canvas and cohesively create a beautiful image! Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Sekhem, B.E.S.T, Reconnective Healing, Past life regression, Hypnosis, Tapping . . . and the list goes on. All of these amazing and powerful ways for Spirit to help us make the transitions necessary for our growth – or maybe even just give us some comfort.


If you make a product, sell your product and be joyful. Don’t worry about what others are doing – CELEBRATE what you are doing! If you practice a modality that resonates with your being and you find satisfying or exciting results, keep practicing it and be joyful! Who is meant for you, will come. What is meant for you will come . . . when you remain open. Celebrate that you are participating in the co-creation of transformation with spirit and your client, in this particular moment, on this particular day. If they stay your client wonderful, if they move on to another practitioner or another modality celebrate! They are listening to their own inner call. TRUST, for heaven sakes, that Spirit knows what it’s doing and just relax, enjoy and be in the flow of loving others from your very unique paradigm. Just be uniquely you in a wonderful dance with Source because you are infinitely important, beautiful and useful! xo


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