Spirit is Tangible

When working with clients, many energies show themselves to me. Family that has crossed into the afterlife will give proof of their existence beyond the veil, but also will the very global and more widely know Deities that continue to exert their support for us in our human experience. Mother Mary, the God Ra, Jesus, St. Francis, Quan Yin, Norse God Odin, etc. all forms of a loving presence. What is spectacular, is many times these energies will prove their active presence in our lives.

A while back, I had posted my experience with Mother Mary on my Facebook page. I was in meditation one evening and had a profound experience with her. I have no religious background and yet there she was, in my mediation, holding me to her chest and comforting me, permeating my whole being with peace and love. About 10 minutes had passed when she lifted me off her chest and kissed my brow. I thought, ‘wow – what a beautiful experience’ but that can’t possibly, have actually, been her. Nice vision though.

The very next morning I was walking with my husband and boys along the beach. Spirit spoke into my right ear, directing me about 30 feet down the beach and to the left. “Go over there, behind those stones. There is a message for you” So I followed. As I got to the area there was some burnt wood and tucked under the edge a small piece of paper. “there” they said. “turn it over”. This little, two inch piece of paper, had a very small quote of the Apostle’s Creed: “who was conceived by the Virgin Mary” – I wept there in the sun, deeply touched by her grace and her desire to get past my doubt and show me how tangible she was.



When Mary presents herself, and it is not often, the energy is gentle and honest. The vibration is uniquely her. Yesterday Mother Mary presented herself behind my client and shared some information. This was beautifully, validated by my client. I had shared what Mother Mary offered and I was grateful she had come again.

This morning I had a beautiful, new friend come to the Sanctuary, Maria Cocqulo Manna. I was sharing with her a sage bundle so she could perform a ceremony for a friend. We shared coffee and some treats and she said, “Oh, I brought a gift for you. I talk to St. Anthony and this morning because I knew I needed to bring something to you. I asked St. Anthony, could he please help guide me to what you needed. So my mother gave this to me several years ago and I know it needs to come to you.”

I opened this beautiful gift bag and unfolded the tissue paper. In my hands lay the Virgin Mary full of water from Lourdes! Again, tears of amazement and joy!


What we need you to know, Mary and I, is that Spirit is tangible. The Divine, Source energy, God, is personal and is wanting to partner with you in your life journey. Meditate, pray, trust and take one step after the other knowing you are supported and you are held by many forms of love!




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