Red carpet

Intrinsic means belonging naturally – that which is essential. When we work together in a caring and compassionate way, irrespective of our professions or positions, we are given the ability to see all that is unique and valuable in each other. Our success is dependant on our broadest and collective vision. When stressed and detached from one another we are simply blinded – cut off from inspiration and creativity. It is in the willingness to connect regardless of egoic risk that we experience hope and find resolution.

The Red Carpet is an invitation to experience something wonderful; in this case something full of richness and light. This carpet is often only rolled out for the Rich, the Royal or the Famous. It is my feeling that by the very nature of our being each of us deserves to be lifted up, loved and looked at with awe and recognition.

You may ask “who is this woman? what exactly does she do?”

 I am a relaxation and freedom coach which means my goal is to awaken in you, or your situation, a sense of connectedness, awareness, joy and freedom. I do this through the use of my skills and training in Relaxation massage, Reflexology, Grief and loss support, Guided meditation/journal writing, Mediumship and Intuitive work. I book 1 1/2 hour in-person sessions at a cost of $100. This is a create your own session using any combination of the modalities listed above. And bonus . . . I travel, massage chair and all, to you! It is a time to explore, share and experience the wonder of self and spirit.

In this space I will be pulling oracle and animal medicine cards around common life  issues as well as others by random request and posting them here. In the near future a request system will be set up with a paypal button for those unable to make an in-person booking for my variety of offerings.

In the spirit of love and service I offer my version of the Red Carpet experience to you all.


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