13 ways in 13 days to transform your look by New Years!


Touch your toes, take it in, drink a glass, walk it off, think it through, cry it out, pee your pants (at least once), tell someone, ask for help, heat things up, flip a page, make it new, hug it out.

 1. Touch your toes (Reflexology)

Here’s a tip; get to know those toes; they are the gateway to your nose! Did you know that your sinus issues could be relieved through your feet? That your bowels can pass with a touch of your ass (ummm . . . that is a touch of your ass as it correlates to your Gastrocnemius/Soleus in your lower leg. Don’t ever let a Reflexologist touch your actual ass – they are only feet people and their hand should not wander above your knee.)

The practice of Reflexology has been around for like a gazillion years and is truly a gateway to supporting your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Seek a qualified one or ask the Spider Goddess (World Wide Web) for more information!

 2. Take it in (Breathe)

I know right?! I don’t know where or when I dropkicked the ability to breathe, but when I began the practice of meditation I found it again. Discovering my lower lungs was like finding the soccer ball I had when I was 12 laying moldy and flat in the far corner of a field under a bush. I forgot they were there. It was painful to blow them up again but Oh My Heavens! Do I feel better! I won’t list the benefits, there are just to many, but this quote is a nice touch:

“How do you tell if something’s alive? You check for breathing.” Markus Zusak

 3. Drink a glass (Water) you will need this for #6 and #7

The institute of medicine says roughly 8 glasses a day. But I say: if you’re at none, make it 1; if you’re at 2 make it a few; if you’re at 3 take a pee and drink a couple more. Progress, right? Always, improvement is the goal! Just a moment  . . .  (elevator music here) . . . OK, one more down. (BONUS: one of my son’s joined me so this post is already working!)

 4. Walk it off (Exercise) see arm twisted behind back?

Imagine a thinner, healthier me! (I picture Sofia Vergara – there are no rules here people!) This one is my toughest. I will admit I am starting at 180lbs (ok, it’s really 191 lbs. I best be honest.) Granted, the fat is on a 5’9’’ frame but chunky monkey nonetheless. When it comes to exercise my insides feel like what our golden retreiver does outside the vets office – four paws out front and her butt an inch off the ground resisting, and twisting against the pull of the leash. I still don’t know the reason for my total and complete resistance to moving my body, but no worry.

It’s like I say to everything else: it matters not what you think or how you feel, it’s what you DO that shifts the first two!

So lets get moving! But remember, if you jump in headfirst you risk knocking yourself out. Start from where you are and improve at a steady rate. For me this will mean 20 minutes a day of walking. (Believe you me, that will be a huge improvement, by about 19 minutes!)

5. Think it through = “To thine own self be true” (thank you, Shakespeare)

Many of us are prone to be impulsive. We often rush, deny or completely ignore our inner selves. Mindfulness would have us pause and question: “Do I really need to . . .buy this? drink this? eat this? have this? spend this? say this? ask this?”

Self-care and deep breathing = mindfulness = access to self question = a burden-free spirit!

6. Cry it out. (“We need never be ashamed of our tears.” Charles Dickens)

I mean bawl!! Don’t hold back! Really, let it wail or drip or trickle or just slowly slide down your cheek. Cry because you’re happy, sad, angry, worried, touched, stressed or you’ve stubbed your toe – OUCH!

Tears not only lighten the heart and ease ones stress, but they can release negative chemicals from the body.

Check out this wonderful blog post by Mike Robbins:


 7. Pee your pants (Laughter medicine)

On multiple websites this is considered one of the funniest jokes:

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

I laughed, Honest! But I have a terribly sick sense of humour. When I grew up we had food fights at the kitchen table (spoon catapult of mashed potatoes and gravy – the best!), my dad fake chopped his hand off only a bazillion times (ketchup dripping and all), and water fights that grew from a few simple palm-sized balloons to the garden hose in the front door spraying anyone who walked by the top of the green shag carpet stairway! Practical jokes were the norm and I’m grateful now. My ability to find most things funny has brought me through many a tough time. It also taught me to laugh. I can clearly see when I’m being a nut bag and call myself on it.

Laughter is freedom, release and survival. It is contagious and demonstrates to all the strength of human spirit.

8. Tell someone – bring it into the Light!

Keeping the door closed on thoughts, feelings and deeds that are troublesome, guilt causing or painful, is a sure way to have them multiply in number or size. Not to mention the wrinkles they cause. In my 42 years and with many tears I have come to share painful, dark parts of myself with trusted others, only to find, these 3 things: 1. My secrets are not as bad as I think they are – people do not jump back gasping in horror; 2. I find solutions and often a ton of support; 3. I feel better.

So unburden yourself to someone you trust. Someone in a position to listen in a detached or anonymous way: Good friend or family, Minister, Help line, counselor or therapist, etc.

Speak up and be free!

 9. Ask for help – better a rogue wave than a tsunami!

Why do I wait so long? Or refuse to ask at all? Earlier, in my 23 year marriage, I had often been stuck in the martyr mode of not asking, but expecting, that others should anticipate what my needs were. Like somehow that demonstration of ‘psychic powers’ on their part would let me know just how much ‘they love me’. Can you hear the violin? Lol

My non-asking resulted in a building of anger and resentment. Others unaware, completely oblivious to the fact that the tide had gone out way too far, the animals were heading for the hills, and all was not normal. Then LOOK OUT! Emotional tsunami!

Age and experience led to wisdom and thankfully this is not a part of my make-up anymore. But if it is a part of yours, ‘ask and ye shall receive.’ an answer. Even a ‘no’ let’s you know where you stand. You will find that most often others are more than willing to help, and that leaves you with the freedom to focus on more constructive expressions and exchanges of love.

 10. Heat things up – Light a fire under your Passion!

No I don’t mean sex; although that’s not off the table, in fact it may just be on it! I mean do what you LOVE! (I know you thought “or who you love” ok, stop it now . . . what was I saying? Oh right, passion.) Be it poetry, reading, skydiving, cooking, driving, needlepoint, painting, singing, dancing; whatever floats your boat – do it! And keep doing it. Don’t let it take a back seat to the money making, child rearing, bill paying life. Allow it to enhance and bring joy to you and the other things that make up your experience here. Allow your passion to fill you with joy and ground you to who you are. Everyone around you will benefit from the glowing, energizing and awe-inspiring miracle that you are! Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

11. Flip a page – at any age; read, read, read!

 Be open to knowledge and experience; remain curious always. Expand your frame of reference. Make new connections. In my mediumship this has been a necessary and helpful tool. You don’t have to grab a novel, just a great magazine, a comic book, an online blog or a poster in the coffee shop. READ! READ! READ! Malcolm Forbes said “The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” The truth is the more you learn the more questions you have. This state of mind is a wonderful thing to experience – it’s like a constant state of kindergarten; all things remain colourful and discovery is ongoing. It also gives you permission for nap time!

 12. Make it new – Create! – who, you?

 Yes, you! My sister says, “I can’t make anything, I’m not good at drawing, I wish I could craft but I suck at it”. This again is about our belief limitations on the word Create. My sister is a gifted department store manager; she envisions a space, home decor and wardrobe. That is no less creative than a painting or a sculpture. A gardener creates, a builder creates, a baker creates. It is in allowing yourself to imagine, within in the very thing you already do, that makes you creative. Dr. Seuss says: “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

Open your mind, expand your awareness and listen to your heart. Creativity is not of you; it is through you!

13. Hug it out! – Darshan

 Have you heard of Mata Amritanandamayi? She is ‘The Hugging Saint’; a 57 year old Indian Guru who has hugged over 30 million people. It is not about religion, sex, money, fame or selfish pursuits – it is about the practice of Darshan “to see.”

A hug holds love, tenderness, trust, aches, pains, tears, joy, laughter and peace. Touch is a component missing in our culture to the detriment of many. Healthy, non-sexual touch is not something everyone is familiar with, but is in my view necessary for survival. Our bodies crave touch because the healing power of it is undeniable. It may seem the corniest thing you have done lately, but now take this moment and wrap your arms around yourself in the best most loving embrace possible. Tip your cheek to your shoulder and tell me you don’t feel something shift.

Seriously! – The Little Book of HUGS by Kathleen Keating; you must get it! Two bears demonstrate every type of hug under the sun!

So there you have it! 13 ways to change your out-look! You will be ready to show your bright, beautiful transformed faces at New Years 2013. Go forward with Hope and Joy